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How transporting works with trans24.com

A sender enters a transport-order via our homepage or the mobile APP-View. Our system sends the order to all nearby registered forwarders. The goods will be picked up by a driver and delivered no later than the following day.


You like to earn more money? Then sign on as a forwarder of trans24.com With us you can accept partial and complete shipments.

Business customer and private person

Save 20% transport costs and ship your packets and goods easily from home or business.

This is how the transport works with trans24.com

Especially companies can forward goods all over Switzerland at special prices.

For Private persons: you sell goods via Ricardo, eBay or another internet provider?

With us you can simply forward your goods via our internet platform.

A sender enters a transport-order via our homepage or APP-View. Our system sends the A sender (private person or business customer) enters a transport order via our homepage or APP-View.

Our systems sends the order to all nearby registered forwarder.

The goods (package, pallets, cargo, furnitures) will be picked up by a forwarder delivered the latest next day.


Enter Order

In internet or on the mobile APP-View you enter an order (package, pallet, cargo, furniture, cartransport) and pay by credit card, paypal or invoice.


Accept Order

The APP-View gives the order to all nearby forwarders. One of them will confirm it and contacts you for the arrangement.



One forwarder picks the goods at your site. Then he will deliver it to the destination.



The receiver confirms reception of the the goods, You, being the sender, get a confimation by APP-View. Order will be completed easier, cheaper and faster as before.

Therefore trans24.com

20% less transport cost is worth for private and business customers.

United we are strong: With trans24.com small and medium size forwarders in Switzerland receive more orders and therefore more revenues.


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